Social Group XF2 Features


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Hey Nobita,

Can you please quote me 1 by 1 to let me know about the plan about these missing features?


  1. Group's Forums (Built-In. I mean group owner to be able to create multiple forums like in xf1 version)
  2. Group's Wall (Built-In. like in xf1 version)
  3. Group Gallery (Built-In. a full integration, not like xf1)
  4. Group Custom Fields (Built-In. a full implementation of custom fields system, like any other major add-ons)
  5. Group's Map, Language, etc...
  6. Group's Resources (Full integration of XFRM)
  7. Group Wall Poll (as poll is a separate content type in xf2)
  8. Group Wall Post Privacy (public, private, followers, admins, secret)
  9. Group's Dedicated Search
  10. Group Embed BBCode (embeding group in all around the site using bbcodes, like what any other major add-on implemented)