[FEATURE] Improve error message and add geo blocking enforcement


GEO Blocking Message and Enforcement:
Is any possible you can add geo blocking enforcement within the mobile app. Unfortunately I have setup geo blocking on my website and I do not wanted some countries like china viewing my mobile app or registration and logging in that’s account due to security reason and is any possible you can add geo blocking error message with the geo enforcement this will help with our security issues with some countries like china or others

Disconnect Error Message:
When users viewing my mobile app without internet connection there should be a error message that’s saying you have been disconnected from the internet. Please connect to the internet!

here a screenshot what’s I have when I am not connected to the internet?
this what’s should look like when you are not connected to the internet on the mobile app?CA0216DB-10CA-4C26-B577-F53FB3FC7DBA.jpeg
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GEO blocking you can set it up in store. Eg in Apple Store you can choose the countries which you want to deliver and in the api you can extends to block certain country as well.