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After voting, it leaves a prefix as guest-b in the poll. Would you add a phrase instead of prefix? And I have a question. After voting, it creates a user, why? I think there's no need. Let's imagine approximately 1,000,000 guest cast their vote. What then? What will happen? And I believe cookies or the MAC address of the device should be able to add to the add-on. Because you can use it on both wireless and 3G—4.5G, or desktop and mobile devices. At the same time, guests looks like they got it under control after voting, but this does not record the IP addresses. And unfortunately, it also provides a critical problem.

So why is it so important? New elections will be held on 31 March in Turkey. This date is very close—as you can see. And there will be a lot of voters there. 100,000—200,000 or a lot more of them. The law officers will ask tons of questions and they want a list of the IP addresses enough to testify. So many things they could want. And that is why IP record is so important, and that is why it's important for us to evaluate each vote individually. Consequently, I hope we make ourselves very clear on this point.

As you know, users can vote in polls so as to prevent spoofing of results in the core system. But that was not enough to sonaynet hold his forums. And he thought there must be something big that will bring people in to cast a vote. Because elections are intended merely to provide an opportunity to cast a vote. And he was a little have a decision to make. And as you see he makes the final decision; ability for guests to vote on polls.


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and i dont want to show this registered users ( for voting ) on latest users ( homepage ).

i need to store ip address ( which ip voting to which answer ) with time Truonglv
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The IP record does not regard the work as stored after voting. So I mean, does not record the IP addresses.

Meanwhile, would you add a function to the add-on that automatically delete guest-user without having lost IP and poll data? After deletion and voting, it should keep a complete record of IP address and poll data. Because guest users are not necessary.