[BUG] Feedback on Mobile App



Took a shot at trying out the Android version of the app.

1. Bookmarks don't work. Bookmark does not appear. Also once selected it shows as pre-selected for all posts.
2. Push notifications don't work if Delay notifications checkbox is enabled.
3. Search should throw a warning if user uses phrases < 4 characters as that seems to be a limitation for you. Right now it just says no results which is incorrect.
4. Can't seem to upload video at all. Should be added if it's not a bug.
5. You should add an easy to reach attach media and emoji button to the comments bar. Follow Facebook's example as per attached. Attaching media is very challenging and confusing at the moment.
6. Privacy notice page looks corrupt
Screenshot_20210708-070429_Corvette Forums.jpg
7. Important buttons like Conversation are too small and easy to miss and instead you dedicate too much space to search which is much used much less. Recommendation is to increase size/width of Conversation and Account, reduce search or make it a pop out.
8. The post button seems to be top aligned, it should be center aligned or match height of the comments input bar. Looks odd.


I will report back with more findings.

Thanks for your time.
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9. Registration through the app is very poor - it pops up a Terms & Conditions screen for exactly 1 second, automatically appears as if it's logged in. The user doesn't know they have to confirm their email before they post. There are no error messages telling the user that they cannot post within the app whatsoever.

Fix Terms & Conditions screen.
Ensure there's a pop up telling user that need to confirm their email (or pop up the standard XF email confirmation notice within the app).
App should tell user that they cannot post (for whatever reason). Right now hitting buttons provides no feedback.


To add to the list, push notifications are messy. Truonglv

10. Clicking on a push notification for a new Private Conversation takes me to the Notification screen on the app which doesn't show the new PMs. It should take me directly to the private conversation screen and conversation in question.

11. Clicking on a push notification for a new reply to a watched thread takes me to somewhere halfway in the thread not to the post. It should take me to the post that triggered the notification.

12. It's sloooow, don't know why. I'm running 2 mobile apps side by side and yours is much slower in general, slow to load thread content for example. A loading indicator could definitely come in useful at least until you address the speed.
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