[FIXED] Error when installing Social Groups 2.1.9


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I have just upgraded XenForo from 1.5.18 to 2.1.8 (Patch 2) on a test directory before we do this on live/production. We have a previous installation of [Nobita] Social Groups (Teams/Guilds/Clubs) 2.6.4 which is now a legacy add-on. I have tried to install Social Groups 2.1.9 but I am getting the attached error. Does anyone know what this is and how to fix? Would it be better to install an older version of Social Groups? I can't see where to download older versions.

Any help is appreciated thank you.


FYI I will be importing existing data from the legacy [Nobita] Social Groups (Teams/Guilds/Clubs) 2.6.4 installation and cleaning up as described here: https://nobita.me/threads/update-fr...-clubs-2-5-5-to-tl-social-groups-2-1-4.35097/


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