xenforo add-ons

  1. Truonglv

    Custom Node Icon 1.0.0

    Description: Allow custom image as node icon.
  2. Truonglv

    Threads Symbiotics 1.0.3

    Description: Make more threads which link to an existing thread. Symbiotic threads work like the current thread redirect but with few differences: Symbiotic threads is permanently redirects Symbiotic threads have last post info and display as normal threads in thread list. One existing thread...
  3. Truonglv

    Email Payload 1.0.0

    This add-on allow inject custom header and footer to all users which sending to users. This is useful when you want to advertise cool stuff to users.
  4. Truonglv

    Resource Icon URL 1.0.2

    Description: Allow upload resource icon using remote image URL
  5. Truonglv

    Watermark 2.0.4

    Description: Add a watermark to uploading images This add-on will add a watermark to any uploading images. All existing images are not effected. Options: Enabled/disabled to add watermark to any images Customize watermark position Customize watermark Text Image Control watermark opacity...
  6. Truonglv

    Style Permissions 2.0.2

    Control style usable. Settings: