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Hand-picked, validated by VC's SaaS ideas to begin your journey as a SaaS founder only $9! Hey there 👋This is a database of 750+ high-quality SaaS startups that received seed funding in 2020 👨‍💻 If you’re here, you might have an interest in one day having and running your own SaaS business. This database will unlock a long list of high-quality SaaS startups that managed to raise a seed in 2020. Meaning they were approved by VC’s and it might be not too late to get into the same industry 🚀🚀🚀Sample data: 750+ SaaS startup database sample You will get: ✅ List of 750+ B2B and B2C SaaS companies that managed to raise a seed round in 2020.✅ Investors that trusted in them and who lead the investment round.✅ When and how much they’ve raised.✅ HQ of the company.✅ Made with SaaS in mind.✅ Future Updates to the database (This is the first iteration).✅ Full, lifetime access!How you benefit:💪 Save hours of researching and looking for the new SaaS trends.💪 Explore what SaaS startups are doing about their home pages, landing pages, onboarding, apps, emails, blogs, and copywriting.💪 Explore Investors and Lead Investors in these SaaS startups.💪 Quicksort by money raised, date raised.💪 Get inspired by successful recent startups!... Continue reading…

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