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TD Perry

Any way to set up so that the groups avatar can be used for the logo_og when shared on FB/Twitter or another social site?
If not, any thought of making it so?
Yes it did. Does your group has custom logo?
Yes it did. Does your group has custom logo?
TruonglvYes... but what it posts is one that I have set for a "notice". The actual avatar for the group (when trying to share a calendar link to it) does NOT show the logo_og.
To the local Groups selection on the site (correct site Logo_og displayed for the overall site).

Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 7.26.27 AM.webp

When linking directly to that group

Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 7.28.27 AM.webp

The actual avatar for that group

Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 7.29.14 AM.webp

I realize this may be "impossible" but at LEAST it needs to show the main site logo_og instead of whatever that second image is picking up.
And it really should not show an "About" tag in the linkage.
At he least it should relay that group description.
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What do you mean by a "custom logo".. it has a custom avatar defined, along with a custom banner... as shown in the post you quoted.

BTW, the above post I am replying to is rather screwed up. It allows ME to edit it... but it appears that you edited my original post and put a reply into it instead of actually replying to it?
I don't know if it's an add-on you have enabled here... but there are some serious issues if so. In fact, the below links below your post allow me to use ANY of those links.

Screen Shot 2022-12-03 at 9.59.19 AM.webp

Which is the header of the message (notice the ability to "report, like, quote, reply"... then at the bottom of the message I see this
Screen Shot 2022-12-03 at 10.00.20 AM.webp

But yes, there is a custom avatar created for that specific group (as was shown), a custom profile banner (as was shown), and the logo_og is correct and picked up by FB and Twitter when shared (as was shown)... the image that is used when sharing that group IS NOT any of those. It's simply an image that was used as a notice avatar.
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