Join Groups with time limit


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I want to know if any of the follow features are available (per Group):
  1. Which usergroups can Join a Group. I seen that there is an option to moderate Join requests but is a time waste for admins. I believe that a usergroup permission "Which can Join" should make things easier.
  2. An advanced to the above feature. eg Let's say that (even manually), I'm accepting only "Premium Usergroup" members in the Group. How the system works if the user does not belongs anymore to "Premium Usergoup"? That member still can post in the Group?
PS: I'm using xF User Upgrades for memberships.

Thank you


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I got an idea for 2nd feature above, if it does not supported. But everything depends on the type of forums using in Groups.

I want to know if Group Forums respect permissions from node system. eg if I set the Archive node permission to post only to XXXX usergroup, this will be valid in Groups? If yes, then is ok for me.


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Yes. It's may work as that way.


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In "Forum Discussion Options", maybe is better to select "Full forum add or edit options", or that usergroup permission settings will work even with "Simple forum add/edit with predefined options"?