EU outlines ambitious AI regulations focused on risky uses


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LONDON (AP) — Risky uses of artificial intelligence that threaten people’s safety or rights such as live facial scanning should be banned or tightly controlled, European Union officials said Wednesday as they outlined an ambitious package of proposed regulations to rein in the rapidly expanding technology. The draft regulations from the EU's executive commission include rules for applications deemed high risk such as AI systems to filter out school, job or loan applicants. They would also ban artificial intelligence outright in a few cases considered too risky, such as government “social scoring” systems that judge people based on their behavior.
The proposals are the 27-nation bloc’s latest move to maintain its role as the world’s standard-bearer for technology regulation, as it tries to keep up with the world's two big tech superpowers, the U.S. and China. EU officials say they are taking a four-level “risk-based approach” that seeks to balance important rights such as privacy against the need to encourage innovation. ... Continue reading…