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Clean up data from add-on [Nobita] Social Groups


Staff member
Tech Support
There are some tables you may to check manual if it's not deleted while you are remove add-on under XF 2 version.

Tables need to delete:
  • xf_team
  • xf_team_ban
  • xf_team_category
  • xf_team_category_watch
  • xf_team_comment
  • xf_team_deferred
  • xf_team_event
  • xf_team_feature
  • xf_team_field
  • xf_team_field_category
  • xf_team_field_value
  • xf_team_member
  • xf_team_member_role
  • xf_team_news_feed
  • xf_team_post
  • xf_team_post_comment
  • xf_team_post_watch
  • xf_team_stats_daily
  • xf_team_view
Columns need to remove:
  • xf_user: manage_team_count , team_ribbon_id, team_count
  • xf_thread: vb_thread_id, team_id
  • xf_forum: team_id
Otherwise you can manual run the following file. This file must be upload to root folder of XenForo 2. Does not work with XenForo 1 yet.