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As discussed over at XenForo( in April with an announced release date in about 2 weeks ( , still waiting for that feature to be implemented.

"regarding discussion groups in general, facebook and others demonstrate, that nearly half of them are related to local places, cities, companies or other topics related to a physical location. It is quite difficult and uncomfortable for visitors to find groups in their vicinity in such location-dependent groups. Given that over 50% of all visitors visit websites with their mobile phones or tablets, this is a huge factor and literally a decision criterion for them (and a purchase criterion for your add-on) as to whether visitors use the group feature - or not.

I catched fire by the idea of an implementation, Bob already did with one of his add-ons. Since social groups already support the Google API, a similar implementation should be possible for you without bigger problems. I've created a few mockups that explain the function better.

SG general options has the Google-Api key already included. This can be used - on a per category basis - to activate geolocation in this and show a category map above the group-listing in that particular category:

This category setting activates the adress search when creating a new group in this category:


And the result in that category_view would look like this:


I guess, the result would speak for itself"
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Is there any update on the category maps? As far I could dig in, GoogleMaps never have and still do not require a mysql 8 version.


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This would also be great as a general standalone plugin, so that members can mark their city, like a membermap.

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