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  1. Truonglv

    Widget Threads Enhancement [Paid]

    That is not a bug. It's display plain text to prevent you cannot have a link to edit widget :D You can use {{ phrase('new_topics') }} and {{ link('whats-new/posts') }} :D
  2. Truonglv

    Node List as Tabs 1.0.1

    See demo: Configuration:
  3. Truonglv

    Node List as Tabs [Paid]

    Truonglv submitted a new resource: Node List as Tabs - Display node list as tabs Read more about this resource...
  4. Truonglv

    Widget Threads Enhancement - 1.1.2

    Notable changes: Fixed filter no reply which contain redirect threads Improvement use widget in custom position. Support rich widget title. You can use template syntax in title option.
  5. Truonglv

    Widget Threads Enhancement [Paid]

    Truonglv updated Widget Threads Enhancement with a new update entry: 1.1.2 Read the rest of this update entry...
  6. Truonglv

    Widget Threads Enhancement [Paid]

    dn18 That right. But there are some tricks can make it works. https://stackoverflow.com/a/15346450/8012815 So i guess I can change it to background image to support it.
  7. Truonglv

    Widget Threads Enhancement [Paid]

    Why not use CSS for hide it? I don’t think this option useful with other users here.
  8. Truonglv

    Widget Threads Enhancement [Paid]

    dn18 That was not support. There are only available variable $xf yet.
  9. Truonglv

    Widget Threads Enhancement [Paid]

    RoldanLT I have tested with default widget from XF (new threads) it's does not work with above conditions. Are you tested too?
  10. Truonglv

    Widget Threads Enhancement [Paid]

    RoldanLT Thank you all information. I will test and give feedback for you soon
  11. Truonglv

    Widget Threads Enhancement [Paid]

    RoldanLT Both position are not work? Never tested in this case before.
  12. Truonglv

    Widget Threads Enhancement [Paid]

    What is position you have set for?
  13. Truonglv

    AddOn Minify HTML

    This is for XF 1.5.x only.
  14. Truonglv

    Social Group XF2 Features

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Just language only No No No What mean? Yes
  15. Truonglv

    Image Optimizer for XF 2.0 [Paid]

    Hmm. Your binary are newest. I will update scripts install on next update. By this way, you can complete ignore there messages.
  16. Truonglv

    Post Reply [Paid]

    For old threads. You may run rebuild post tree data.
  17. Truonglv

    Mailgun Integration - 1.0.1

    Notable changes: Improvement send emails Support webhooks to handle email bounce or invalid https://yourdomain.com/mailgun-webhooks/spam-complaints https://yourdomain.com/mailgun-webhooks/unsubscribes: Handle when user press unsubscribe in mailgun. The user will be updated to uncheck receive...
  18. Truonglv

    Mailgun Integration [Paid]

    Truonglv updated Mailgun Integration with a new update entry: 1.0.1 Read the rest of this update entry...
  19. Truonglv


    malcolm Your welcome
  20. Truonglv

    User Smilies [Paid]

    This is not work in XF 2.1. With price ($5) this is no longer receive updates for XF 2.1