Mobile apps

Mobile apps 2021.09.22

No permission to buy ($60.00)
Notable changes:
  • Fixed cannot view internal images
  • Fixed reaction popup out of screen.
Notable changes:
  • Support mark all notifications as read
  • Fixed no log-in button in account screen
  • Grouped conversation users avatars
  • Improvement suggestion create thread in forum base last forum browsed
  • Support more two factors authentication
  • Support date of birth in register form if required
Notable changes:
  • Fixed blank screen on notifications
  • Fixed search empty results
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Notable changes:
  • Support upload other file types.
  • Fixed app crash in certain screens.
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Notable changes:
  • Improvement to check network state
  • Fixed register button still show when it's disabled by server
  • Fixed blank screen when viewing some specific threads
  • Fixed preview text in conversation list not updated
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Notable changes:
  • Fixed invalid search message states
  • Allow mark read notification item
  • Support top trending tags in home
  • Minor bugs fixed
Notable changes:
  • Fixed click push notifications does not go target screen
  • Support App Tracking Transparency in IOS 14.5
Notable changes:
  • Fixed app crash in custom fonts
  • Fixed view embed attachment which too small
  • Double tap to bottom icon to refresh content
  • Redesign screens
Notable changes:
  • Fixed header in iPhone 12 Pro Max
Notable changes:
  • Support bb-code SPOILER
  • Fixed thread empty posts
  • Fixed header in iPhone 12