Mobile apps

Mobile apps 2021.01.10

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Notable changes:
  • Support filter conversations
  • Support filter forum threads
  • Fixed keyword auto visible in android
Notable changes:
  • Fixed hard-code phrases
  • Added theme switcher. Now users can choose dark mode base on your phone.
  • Fixed reactions not shown in profile posts
  • Fixed conversation header was not shown in some cases
  • Fixed thread navigation incorrect when going from notifications
Notable changes:
  • Refactor thread reply screen
  • Support reply to conversation in separate screen
  • Support upload attachment into conversation when replying
  • Fixed app crash on android when press to "..."
  • Support infinity scrolling on search and home screen
  • Improvement display reacted users list
  • Fixed theme selection reset when relaunch app
  • Fixed notification icon does not change when switch theme
  • Refactor compose status screen
  • Added missing language in Apple Store
  • Fixed invalid navigation title in thread create screen
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Notable changes:
  • Support creating thread with tags the input only show when forum need that.
  • Improvement thread create form
  • Support Russian language
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Notable changes:
  • Support search more contents.
Notable changes:
  • (android) Fixed cannot upload new attachments
  • (android) Drop support rich editor.
  • Fixed reaction button display incorrect.
Notable changes:
  • Fixed register new account got no permissions
  • Added support multiple quotes
  • Support some bb-code buttons in thread replying
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Notable changes:
  • Fixed app crash in certain HTML
  • Fixed form content not clear after submitted
  • Added new language: French
  • Added new language: Kiswashili
  • Fixed click to notifications not going to correct screen
  • Fixed render invalid layout in some HTML
Notable changes:
  • Fixed app load data too slow
  • Fixed app crash when viewing invalid thread
  • Add new language: Hebrew
  • Added new language: Chinese Simplified
  • Added new language: Chinese Traditional
  • Added support right-to-left app
  • Allow user change app language inside app
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Notable changes:
  • Fixed random app crash when perform log in
  • Fixed random app crash when perform log out
  • Fixed render incorrect HTML
  • Dropped support OneSignal for notifications. For now this app using Firebase Cloud Messaging to send notifications.