Mobile apps

Mobile apps 2020.01.08

No permission to buy ($60.00)
A native mobile apps (iOS and Android) for XenForo forums.

  • XenForo 2.1.x
  • A extended api add-on:
  • Apple developer account if you want to upload to AppStore. Cost yearly at: $99
  • Google developer account if you want to upload PlayStore. Cost one-time: $25
Optional requirements:

How to buy this app?
  1. You need upgrade your account: Buy a subscription plan which suitable for you.
  2. After your account upgraded you need configuration app information. Go there:
  3. After app configuration has been setup. You need make a request to build app files. Then click to button: [Request a app file]
  4. All required steps are completed. And be waiting when app finish build it's will upload to this page: you can download it and upload to store.
Key features:
  • News feeds screen
  • Forum list screen
  • Conversations (list, detail) screen
  • Watched threads list
  • Ignoring members list
  • Following members list
  • Support login with Two Factor Authentication
  • Profile screen
  • Thread detail screen
  • Notifications screen
  • Profile post screen

  • This app does not support In-app purchase so your forums which content a purchase which can be rejected by Apple. You will need give reason to they approve it.
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