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Image Optimizer 1.3.0

Compatible XF Versions
  • Add-on have provide a powerful settings in ACP options. You MUST settings option before running optimize images.
  • All files will be overwrite then you cannot revert the file to original.

  • Extract the package of add-on then upload all files into your forum root directory.
  • Go to ACP then install or upgrade add-on if you already installed.
  • After installed successfully. Update add-on options.
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Latest updates

  1. Hotfix!

    Fixed duplicate records!
  2. Version 1.3.0 released!

    Notable Changes: Fixed job does not run in some cases Fixed stats does not show in some cases
  3. Setup file changed!

    There are no code changes in this version. The master branch of jpegoptim have made some...

Latest reviews

Great support and nice addon. It does what it announces, in my case: Saved 27.83%. Total capacity (old): 306.6 MB and new: 221.3 MB
Developer helped through my own server and helped to make it run without problems. Totally recommended.